Moments With Mercy: Interview With Crystal Lowe!

Hey y'all,
A couple of years ago we stumbled onto a show called Signed, Sealed, Delivered and it immediately became one of our favorites!  At that time it was a TV series.  Now instead of episodes we get 2-4 movies a year.  Crystal portrays Rita on this show and right away you can tell what a great actress she is! :) 

Without going any further let me tell you a little bit about Crystal and then we'll get started.

"Crystal Lowe was born on 20th January 1981 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. At a young age, Crystal and her family moved to Hong Kong where she grew up a few years of her life and is now fluent in Cantonese. Because of her natural beauty, Crystal then entered such modeling competitions including "Miss Teen Oriental." She has also been a sunshine calendar girl, has done various magazine covers, and has been in various swimsuit competitions. As well as a model, Crystal is also an actress with numerous credits including Final Destination 3 (2006),…

Moments With Mercy- Interview With Grace Craichy!

Hey y'all! The first time I heard of Grace was back when she ran an Old Hollywood account on Instagram.  At first I thought I thought it was kind of neat just that we were around the same age, but then we got to chatting a little bit and I realized she also sings.  And let me tell you, she can sing!! We've gotten to chat even more since then and I've gotten the chance to know her a little bit.  Not only does she sing, but she also writes, dances, plays piano, models, and acts. She is such an inspiring person! So, without further ado here is my interview with Grace.

Mercy: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Grace: I am a Christian girl who dearly loves acting, singing, writing stories, and fashion

Mercy: What started your interest in "show business"?
Grace: Jane Powell played an important role in causing me to love acting and singing.
Mercy: When did you get saved? Grace: I have loved Jesus ever since I could remember so I can’t say when I exactly got saved.…

January Swago with Spin & Win (US)

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 You have until 12pm PT/3pm ET on Monday, January 15th to mark off as many squares as possible so use your time wisely.  …

Moments With Mercy: Interview With Cleopatra Thomas

Hello everyone, Today I'll be sharing my interview with Cleopatra Thomas with you all!  For those of you who remember, I actually posted an interview with her co-author Kerri Brown yesterday.

Now, I don't want to share to much before the interview I just have to say how impressed I am with this young lady.  Only 15 and she's already co-written a book!

And now for the interview.

Mercy: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Cleopatra: I was born and am still being raised in Nebraska. A tiny little town most people haven’t really heard of! I started out in public school, then moved at first grade to a private school. Just after I
started fifth grade, my siblings and I started homeschooling. I’m in ninth now, and we are still
going! Like Kerri said, some people say we miss out – but we don’t miss out on anything
important really!
A big – REALLY big – part of my life is family time. That might be my parents, siblings and I
watching a movie together, saying some prayers, stretchin…

Moments With Mercy: Interview With Kerri Brown!

Hey y'all,
I first "met" Kerri through one of her old Hollywood accounts on Instagram.
After a few months we started chatting a little bit about our shared love for old Hollywood.

Fast forward a few months and she just recently released a book called: Love In The Rain (co-authored with Cleopatra Thomas)!  I will soon be reviewing Love in the Rain as well as interviewing Cleopatra, so be on the lookout for both of those!

Kerri is a very talented young lady!
She's already written two books (Love in the Rain as well as Thoughts From My Heart), she sings, and so much more.

Now, since I could keeping going on forever about her talents, lets just get the interview started! :)

Mercy: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Kerri: Well, I am a Georgia girl born and bred. I love being from Dixie. My mom homeschooled my
brother and I, and I loved it. People say homeschoolers miss out on so much - I sure did, and I'm so
thankful for that! I'm an old fashioned 22 year old wo…

Moments With Mercy: Interview With Michelle Cox

Hey y'all, I am so excited to share this interview with you all!

Michelle and I first started chatting about the When God Calls the Heart devotional but soon found out we had several friends in common (which I think is pretty cool).
She is one of the kindest ladies I've had the pleasure to work with and has a huge heart for the Lord!

I know you're reading this for the interview so I'll stop rambling and let you all enjoy!

Mercy: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Michelle: The most important thing you need to know about me is that I’ve got six perfect
They own my heart. I’ve been married to my favorite husband, Paul, for 43 years (out of all the
husbands in the world, he’s my favorite), and we have three gorgeous and sweet daughters-in-
law and three sons—our oldest and youngest sons are in ministry and our middle son teaches at a
college in Florida. We live in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Oh, and I didn’t
mention that I love cup…

Hallmark Dvd Bundle Giveaway

Hey y'all,
I am so excited to be sharing some great news with you all!  For the ENTIRE year of 2018 I am going to be doing monthly giveaways.  Some months will be Hallmark movies, some will be classic old Hollywood movies, books etc.  Everything will be family friendly!

To start things off I'm going to do a giveaway of the following

1. a Dvd of The Christmas Pageant

2. A Dvd of Crown For Christmas (one of my favorite Christmas movies!)

3. a two dvd set of The Christmas Card and All I Want For Christmas

I figured you would all be down without your all day everyday Countdown to Christmas giveaways so I decided on some Christmas movies for the first giveaway. 

Enter Below!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you all enjoy!  Also, as for the other giveaways I'll let you know at the beginning of each month what they will be.